Its Actually Real

Honestly, this is so crazy! I never thought that I would one day have a website with my name on it. This journey has been such an awesome experience and a blessing. I can’t wait to share some valuable content that will hopefully inspire and help you along your own journey!

I am going to start posting minimum two tutorials a week; of songs that I’ve enjoyed and played in multiple churches. There will be blog posts about various topics, including some exclusive newsletters for those who have subscribed already. One of the most exciting parts will be the gear! I will be posting some sick content not only about the gear I am using, but taking a look at how some of my friends are using their gear as well. Don't worry you won’t always have to read about it. I am going to expand into video and audio so you can watch and listen.

I am more than excited to share my journey with you guys and can't wait to see where God leads us!

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