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I just finished a tour with Elemental Worship Collective and it was an experience I will never forget. Full of laughter, tears, and of course worship.

My journey started on Friday when I flew to Phoenix to meet the rest of the band. Our first stop was at Faith Hope Love there in Phoenix. It was awesome to see some familiar faces and catchup a little bit after. We were all very glad we could worship with them before we headed out to JCI, it helped us tremendously!

We then drove to Ontario, CA the following Monday. The desert seemed to be never ending. Resting felt hours long when in reality it was only 30 minutes, so that didn’t help any. We made it to Ontario later that night. We were so pumped to go and set all of our stuff up and get the show on the road but God had other plans for us. Thinking about the small things we needed to fix before we did anything else. Thinking that playing for JCI was really happening. We were so focused on the things that didn’t really matter.

We were going to JCI for one purpose but God had another purpose in mind. He gave us a truly humbling experience. We were so focused on little things that nobody will truly come to notice and not on simply leading these kids to worship. God really showed us we don’t need all these pedals and accessories to bring these kids closer to God, it was about what was in our hearts. Many people came up to us and others telling us they have never experienced worship like that before, never had that connection with God before. We all couldn’t help but shed a few tears. We went there to minister to those kids but God brought us there for those kids to minister to us.

On this trip, three words have stood out to me Victory, God showed us victory over anything that came in our way to worshipping Him. It seemed like one thing after another was happening. God overcame and showed us victory. Clarity, for what God's plan was for us on this tour. God gave us that clarity bright as day and it was truly humbling. That leads me to the last word, humility. It was a truly humbling experience for all of us.

I honestly feel like this was just the beginning of something big and God needed to humble us in order to move forward with His plan. I can’t wait to see what God has in store, I know He has plans and I am ready to fulfill them.

Below are some photos from tour. There are also more photos here. Hope you enjoy!


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